I’m Karen. I design and hand crochet all the items in my Grandmabilt shop. I create every item from memory, no written patterns. Happily married at age 18 to the love of my life. Born, raised and still living in New Brunswick, Canada. Blessed with three sons (daughter-in-laws) and an amazing granddaughter.

My grandmother was a very talented lady... quilting, tatting, crocheting, knitting and braiding rugs. Her hands were always moving and not once did I ever see her follow a pattern. I believe my passion for both knitting, crocheting and creating, came from Gram.

A few years ago, my husband suggested I open an Etsy shop to sell my crocheted items. Once my first hat sold, in 2012, I was hooked!

What was once my hobby is now my job, but my love to create for others has stayed the same. Deciding to grow my business came late in 2013 – I had been working at a photography studio for years, when my boss decided to close. Suddenly, I was out of a job. I decided to take my hobby one step further and focus more seriously on my craft, and now here I am!

It’s very rewarding to be able to earn income from home, doing something you love.

Grandma Karen